Distraction is the "New Normal"

When was the last time you were focused in a meeting without multi-tasking? Checking your phone, tablet or smart watch?  Today it’s commonplace to consume media on multiple devices and platforms simultaneously.

In fact, new research from Nielsen indicates that 45% of consumers “Always/Often” use their cellphones when watching TV – 89% if you include those who use them “Sometimes”.  Even marketers agree -  82% say TV viewers' second screens & clutter are hampering TV ad campaigns.

So, when an ad is exposed, how do you know anyone is REALLY WATCHING?  How would your sales be impacted if you could stop your audience from checking their phones, changing channels, or avoiding ads altogether?  If you could deliver your message without distraction?

Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH) and more specifically Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) breaks through when there is no distraction!

DOOH is becoming increasingly more effective because:

  • Consumers are spending more time outside

  • Its physical presence means that it cannot be blocked like online ads

  • Choosing the right location allows brands to more effectively target potential consumers

  • ·Unlike most other media which provide only viewable impressions, the best DOOH audience measurement delivers actual viewed impressions

So, if you are looking to make a better connection with consumers, add OOH/DOOH as part of your media mix.  www.adonthemove.com